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Codimag and Edale, two manufacturers of web printing and converting equipment are creating the Web Tech Alliance

Bondoufle (France) and Whiteley (United Kingdom), 7th of June 2021: The French manufacturer of offset printing presses for narrow web market Codimag and the British manufacturer of flexo printing and converting equipment Edale Ltd jointly announce the formation of the Web Tech Alliance.

Becoming founder members of the Alliance allows a more formal partnership to be recognised by the industry.

“The creation of the Web Tech Alliance is the next step to the collaboration engaged with Edale, said Benoit DEMOL, CEO of Codimag. “Our discussions have been ongoing since our first meeting at Drupa 2016 and have been collaborating for the past 2 years on projects and geographical reach.

One of the functions of the Alliance is to promote strong technical and market know-how. The use of some common agents has also highlighted the synergy of our solutions. This is the basis of the brand-new organisation, with an alliance that some other industries, such as car manufacturers, have already implemented.”

James BOUGHTON, Managing Director of Edale comments: “Our collaboration with Codimag goes back a long way, and it is with real pleasure and pride to jointly launch the Web Tech Alliance. Our combined range of technologies and expertise bring a strong force to the market as both parties have trusted agents and distributors across the world that create strong brand presence and provide a local feel and knowledge to our global customers.

We look forward to the future of our alliance and sharing our engineering excellence and developing innovative solutions for the packaging industry.”

A technical cooperation by offering a wider range of solution for printers.

Codimag is a French manufacturer of printing presses based on Aniflo, a unique technology that offers the quality of offset, the productivity of flexo and the flexibility of digital. The machines are available in width 340MM and 420mm, with a wide range of inline finishing solutions, including hot-foil, flatbed foil, fluted foil, embossing, flexo varnishing, lamination, screen printing and die-cutting.

 Edale are British manufacturers and engineers of world-class tailor-made flexographic printing and converting solution for the packaging industry. They provide a range of flexographic single pass carton, label presses and Finishing and Converter presses. Their FL range of machines are available in widths from 350mm | 13.7” to 850mm | 33.4”.
For over 75 years, they have offered a scale of customisation unmatched in the industry.

They pride themselves in providing the customer with off-the-shelf to entirely bespoke presses, with every detail considered, often heavily customised to meet customers precise requirements.

The Web Tech Alliance allows printers from across the globe to get different technologies in one place. Solutions are often led by an individual companies offering. By joining different expertise’s and knowledge bases together, in one place, allows the end user the chance to find the right technology for a given application.

A worldwide footprint with many agents in common

Both Codimag and Edale have a large base of machines installed all over the world. Thanks to their agent network, they can provide to their current and future customers local support for sales and technical support. Over the last years, the two companies have progressively shared more agents in common in various location around the globe, including Australia, Balkan area, Poland, Vietnam, Indonesia.

One of the goals of this Alliance is to expand the markets for member companies and mutualize their international development.

A unique cooperation between companies, based on industrial skills and common values.

The Web Tech Alliance joins companies with the same desire to create value for their customers, by offering them a wider range of technologies and expanding markets where each member is strong. Furthermore, members must share the same business model, based on innovating, designing and manufacturing solutions for the web printing and converting market. This strong technical background plays a very important role in the formation of the Web Tech Alliance.

This Alliance is also based on common values agreed by the members.

  • Loyalty: Every member is working in good faith together.
  • Non-competitive: Each member avoid competition between themselves.
  • Business & Ethics: All members are collaborating among themselves, and with their respective stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers) with high level of ethics.
  • Collaboration – shared knowledge: Members are collaborating and sharing information to benefit each company and their stakeholders.

An innovative model of organization to keep the agility of each company.

The Web Tech Alliance is based on mutual trust between the members, without the complexity of any mergers, thus keeping any members family owned or existing shareholding structure.

The governance of the Web Tech Alliance is based on a rolling presidency. Benoit DEMOL, CEO of Codimag, is appointed as President for the first year.

The Web Tech Alliance is also open to welcome new members who would complete the range of products offered by Edale and Codimag and agree on this cooperation’s common value. Some contacts have already been engaged with other European manufacturers.

“Codimag’s motto is “let’s print the future together!”. This is a perfect fit with the concept of the Web Tech Alliance, especially combined with Edale “We are innovators, We are Partners, We are Engineers.”

Both teams are delighted to participate in this Web Tech Alliance initiative, and we are confident that our actual and future partners will feel the same enthusiasm. The Covid-19 Pandemic did not allow us to meet in person, but we surely are working already together!” Benoit Demol and James Boughton concluded.

About Codimag

For more than 40 years, Codimag has designed, manufactured, and sold printing presses with high added value at its facilities in Bondoufle, France. Today, it is the world leader in intermittent waterless offset label printing. Codimag offers solutions tailored to label printers’ needs with a high level of innovation, both in terms in technology and application, making its presses productive and cost-effective for many different markets. With a worldwide network of agents, Codimag can distribute its technologies around the world, and support its customers in a profitable, long-term relationship.

About Edale

Edale are engineers of world-class tailor-made flexographic printing and converting solutions for the packaging industry. With 75 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry, Edale applies its award-winning renowned British design and engineering expertise to provide equipment that helps customers deliver quality products day-in, day-out, enhancing image, reputation, and profitability.

Together with leading partners and an enviable distribution and service network, Edale continually assesses market and customer needs to ensure machines have the best technology available and are fully upgradeable to stay ahead of the changing demands.

About Web Tech Alliance

The Web Tech Alliance is the umbrella brand for the collaboration between several press manufacturers or printing and converting equipment. Founded by Codimag and Edale, this alliance aims at promoting the products and technologies provided by the manufacturers on a global market.

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